Sean Hunter

Sean first stepped on the comedy stage in 1987 at the urging of some of his college classmates and was immediately bitten by the comedy bug. He became a regular at local open mic shows and within a few months began performing in professional comedy shows in and near his hometown of Detroit. A year later he took his act on the road performing at comedy clubs around the country. In 1998 Sean retired from the comedy club circuit to become a "regular" guy. After eight years away from the stage Sean couldn't take it anymore and came out of retirement in 2006. Now he's back giving laughs and having a ball.

Sean's act is based on observations and life experiences and combines actual written material with off-the-cuff joking. Friendly and likable, Sean makes sure the laughs he gets are never at the expense of audience members, regardless of where they are seated. Although some adult themes are covered, no profanity is used in his shows. Rated PG-13.

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